With the painting of characters on the walls, the kids' room can be turned into a magical place that becomes a stimulating environment​ for the children, and can contribute to their healthy development in all areas.

A beautifully painted room feels more spacious, and provides the children with a safe haven where they can stay content, calm, and balanced. Even just the painting of one character or one wall can largely contribute to this.

To sum it up, magical walls:

  • Provide tasteful and entertaining decoration

  • Stimulate the imagination

  • Enlarge the space

  • Among the magical characters your child feels safe, and falls asleep easier

  • Keep the children content and happy, and they wake up with a smile on their precious faces

  • Just a glance on the walls, and you immediately know what the bedtime story should be about!

While creating magical walls, we primarily work with our own characters in order to create unique places and to match the existing design of the room.
If you decided to surprise your child with a magical wall, room...
...The next step is:
  • Get in touch with us via phone or email

  • Send us a photo of the room, and of the walls you would like to be painted (please include measurements of the specific walls)

  • Specify the chosen characters, or if you have any special on your mind

  • We will send you a visual, and all that's left...

... bringing it to life!
Every magical wall is unique and different, therefore we create individual pricing in each case based on the number and size of the characters.
The following prices are for informative purposes only:
  • 1 character (~3 feet): $180-$250

  • 1 wall with 4-6 characters (~50-80 sq ft):  $700-$1200

Magical Walls

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